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Have you ever wondered why there are days when you can "move the mountains" and then... there are some when you can hardly move yourself from the couch?
Have you ever experienced that the fact that you normally wouldn't even notice suddenly throws you off-balance or drags you down?
Have you had such moments in your life when you passed difficult tests or solved most challenging crosswords or puzzles, and the other time you couldn't even remember your grandma's name?
"So what!?", you would say, "People have better and worse days". And that's the point!
In the moment of birth three main cycles, connected to our life, start their run - biorhythms. They indicate our physical, emotional and intellectual predispositions. As many other processes in nature, they have the characteracteristic of the wave. Every cycle has different lenght:

: 23 days
: 28 days
: 33 days

Knowing that length, we can calculate the day of the cycle we are in, at any moment of our life. By appropriate interpretation of our biorhythms we can make better decisions (take maximum advantages of good predisposition and avoid unnecessesary actions when we are in bad form).

Few notes about biorhythms interpretation

Trying to understand, how the value of particular biorhythm transfers to our condition, we often make some common mistakes:

  • it is widely believed, that the best disposition is when biorhytm hits it's maximum - that's a myth. All period above horizontal line is equally good for us (and it's a great news, because the maximum lasts only one day!). Of course, that also refers to the minimum.
  • the zero and critical days are often ignored. Zero day is when we cross the horizontal line from high to low phase and critical - the opposite. The critical transition lasts two days sometimes, in which we should be very careful. Both zero and critical days have key meaning for biorhythm interpretation.
Here you can calculate the biorhythms for you and your family, friends or maybe your favorite celebrities, football players (even whole teams!) and others. Names and dates of births added by you are saved and biorhytms can by calculated just by clicking names on your list. Your list will be displayed after you log in. In order to simplify the procedure while logging you can choose the option of automatic logging, this will cause automatic display of your private list on your computer just after entering this site. Data required for registering is just the name, e-mail, pasword and date of birth (necessary minimum). It takes only 30 seconds to register! Click Register or Log In button in the right upper corner.
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