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Biorhythm compatibility is the "biorhytmical alignment" of two persons. There are three basic biorhythms: physical, emotional and intellectual. Biorhythm compatibility is calculated for each of them. It needs to be mentioned that for partners or co-workers, that means people who usually spend a lot of time together, the most crucial indicators of alignment are in physical and emotional rhythm. The higher compatibility occurs in these rhythms, the more harmonious are mutual relations of these people. However it needs to be taken into account that in case of physical and emotional compatibility reaching close to 100%, some problems and disagreement may occur when both people enter the lower biorhythm phase. This is due to the fact they experience the lower phase at the same time and none of them is able or in the mood to raise the spirit of another. It is regarded that the biorhythm compatibility in the range of 48 up to 86% is optimal for harmonious coexistence of the two people. Partners with compatibility at the level of ca 35% and lower also may sometimes have problems with understanding each other due to the fact that while one of them feels weak and needs some rest, withdrawal and peace, the second one feels full of energy and for example suggests skiing trip ;). These people will always be in the opposite phases of biorhtyhms because this is one of the things that cannot be changed.
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