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Below you will find descriptions of the nine birth vibrations. If you don’t know your number, you don’t need to use the calculator. It is enough that you select your birthday (on the left side) and click "Calculate Vibration". If you are a registered user then use your personal list. Just click the name of the person, whose vibration you would like to know.


People born under vibration of this number are brave, independent and go-getting. They are leaders, people of sharp minds, concentrated on achieving their targets. They know what they want.. Irreplaceable in blazing new trails. Original and creative, incredibly ambitious. Perfectionists. They easily become convinced that if anything is at all possible to be done, they will be the ones who will do it best. It is hard for them to stand criticism, though they would never admit it. They rarely ask anyone for help because for them it’s like acknowledging their weakness, and this they don’t tolerate. Ones, who use their energy in improper way may become authoritarian and despotic. In feelings, they can be affectionate, passionate and impulsive, however, under the condition that everything is going in the way they wanted. Otherwise, they become cold and distant.


Idealistic, romantic and sensitive people. Tactful, good, a bit lacking their self-confidence. Harmony guards in their own environment, avoid disputes, very often at the cost of hiding their real feelings and resignation from own needs. They hate rivalry, and prefer to take the lost position straight away than fight. They cherish safety. They are good friends. They despise falsehood and hipocrisy, and their sensitive intuition performs like a lie detector. Due to huge sensitivity they often experience emotional see-saws. When they don’t find inner harmony, they may become moody and irritable. They expect full devotion from the partner, as well as loyalty and unconditional acceptance. Once they get it, the reciprocate a hundred times.


Unbridled optimists. They are full of charm and joy, they cherish good fun and company. They like to shine and be rewarded with applause. They have the ability to communicate with others and like chameleons they adjust to the people around them, that is why they find common ground with everyone. Eloquent, with sense of humor and story-telling talent, they are appreciated by others. They successfully use their innate charm to settle their matters: flirt and beguile as long as they reach what they want. The have creative talents, like dance and any forms of expression. When they don’t work on themselves they may become cynic and facile. In love life, they may be changeable and amorous, however, once they find „this” person, they are affectionate and loyal partners.


In life, they first of all search for stabilization. They are disciplined and purposeful, they like to plan, and their projects are always well elaborated and realistic. Dutiful and punctual, at work they are fantastic at performing these tasks for which other people don’t have enough patience. Stubbornness of Fours is invincible. They should learn flexibility. They have a strong feeling of justice, that’s why they always stand up for the weaker ones. In relations with other people what’s the most important is loyalty, so they intuitively avoid immature people. A bit shy in expressing their feelings, however, once their partner gets their trust (which is not easy), they may surprise with emotionality. They love intensively and honestly, usually, till the end of their days.


The most exuberant among all vibrations. People with this number are clever, changeable and impatient, and their strongest need is the independence. They have a lot of ideas and plans, but they seldom finalize them. They are irreplaceable in initiating actions, but they leave the laborious continuation for the others. Ambitious, intelligent and able, they immediately grasp information, not even being aware of it. They share their attention among a few things at the same time. Nervous and quick, always on the run. They love changes and improvisations, and are unpredictable. They should be careful not to step in the other’s territory in their chase for freedom and not to cut off your nose to spite your face. To win the heart of Five one needs to allow for freedom and independence as needed, and not let the boredom to enter the relationship.


Sixs are the lovers of home life and warmth. Cordial, open and exuding goodness and peace around them. They are caring, sometimes over-caring. In life, they cherish safety and comfort, however, they forget about their needs when their close ones have some problems. Searchers for harmony and beauty, artistically talented. Prone to emotions and very affectionate. For them the challenge is not to fall into passivity and pessimism. They should work on a strong will. In love they are passionate and tender, and the can fully give themselves to the partner, however, they expect the same. Jealous and possessive.


Introverts who explore the world by constant analyzing of everything that’s inside them and around them. Thanks to their acumen, brilliant intelligence and strongly developed intuition, they are good experts of human souls. They are interested in psychology, philosophy and other domains, which help them in understanding the world. They feel pretty good in solitude, silence and peace. They are not very sociable. They are very independent and may seem distant and proud. These are appearances, in because in reality they are so sensitive that they are afraid to show it. Features characteristic for the are insightful look and innate intelligence. Inability to express feeling increases their susceptibility to depressions. They should be careful regarding addictions. In love they are faithful and delicate, however a lot of tact and warmth is required in order to crush down their protective shell.


Eights have inexhaustible energy, that is why they go through life without losing heart in adversity, recuperating easily. They spin their projects on a ground scale, have huge imagination and expect a lot from life. They are practical, ambitious and honourable. They cope very well with financials, have good organizational and managerial, thus at work they perform well on executive positions. They like challenges. It’s not easy to meet their expectations, but also for themselves they do not go easy. It happens that lose moderation in raising the bar, and then they fall into tyranny. They don’t like compromises and mediocrity. Passionate, full of passion, absorbing, they what to have everything or nothing. They are not interested in shallow relationships.


People born under this vibration are intelligent, full of energy and imaginativeness. Vivid imagination helps them in life, however, it sometimes makes it difficult, causing losing touch with reality or mood swings. They are impulsive. They need freedom, and fiercely fight for it. Their sharp tongue makes them very difficult opponents in any polemics. Nines are idealists, they are most fulfilled when help others, though they should learn to recognize who expects help from them and who doesn’t. They may be quarrelsome, irritable, and arrogant. When they love they become the most loyal and faithful life companions, however, they need constant confirmation that they are loved.

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