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By calculating yours and your partner's birthday numerology vibrations (Life Paths) you can understand your relationship on much deeper level. You'll know the advantages and threats in your combination. This can be very helpful at making your relation more harmonious and joyful. Just enter your birth dates in the form on the left and click “Calculate Compatibility” or choose two persons from your list if you are registered user.

1 and 1

You both are leaders. Although no one can understand 1 better than another 1, things can get a bit messy when you start to compete. This can be great connection if you learn to share responsibilities and work on compromise.

1 and 2

Perfect! 1 leads and 2 smoothly cooperates. 1 is born to be a breadwinner and 2 is great at keeping the warmth of romance alive. 2 with his/her invaluable intuition can help “go-ahead” 1 with realization of it’s bold plans. In this relationship 1 is the head but 2 is the neck which turns the head. This relationship has great perspectives if only 1 will not be too selfish and find enough sensitivity and attention so as not to hurt the feelings of sensitive 2.

1 and 3

Ambitious 1 and sociable 3 are a great match. This combination is often source of mutual pleasure and happiness. Enterprising 1 can make ideas of 3 become reality. You will support and inspire each other and you have a good chance to have great life together. One thing! Both of you don’t handle criticism well. Take it into consideration and think twice before you say something unpleasant about your partner.

1 and 4

Fire and water. That’s 1 and 4. You are both ambitious but 1 is more risk-taking and hotheaded and 4 is meticulous, reliable and conservative person. That’s a lot of opposites. So it’s up to you how this relation will be functioning. You can waste your energy to fight with your partner’s differences or you can ally and complement each other to endure your connection.

1 and 5

This relationship can be perfect! You both like freedom and independence. You can try new things, travel and meet new people together. 5 loves changes, nothing is forever for her/him, 1 should gain her over and over again which is good, because 1 has a soul of conqueror. You will never be bored and could have really great life, but there is one thing... 1 should not impose anything on 5, because when 5 will feel constrained he will simply go away.

1 and 6

6 will be impressed by 1’s eagerness at spreading the lofty ideas. 6 is very good at showing her appreciation to partner so 1 will bloom at 6’s side. Share your fascinations. Focus on your intellectual development because your cultural interests and education can keep your relationship inspiring and long-lasting. 1 should be aware with his leadership aspirations. 6 need lots of romanticism and despites violence.

1 and 7

Open, bold, impulsive 1 and introverted, serious and peaceful 7 seems to come from two different worlds. But there is great chance for your relationship to be harmonious. 1 can provide 7 with enthusiasm, optimism and fantasy and 7 will share his spiritual and philosophical knowledge with 1. Because both of you are intensely private people, you should learn to expose your sensitive, vulnerable sides and keep themselves open to each other.

1 and 8

You are both power-hungry and ambitious. This can invoke lots of arguments and hurt, but with large dose of compromise and good communication it can be happy, rewarding relation full of common interests. 8 have to be careful with his need for his partner total obedience. With 1 this can’t work. It’s important for you show yourselves respect and most of all, avoid negative feedback which can be deadly for your partnership.

1 and 9

Intelligent and creative 9 will help with realisation of 1’s bold plans. You can be really good match because 1 is leader and 9 will accept this leadership without any problem. Still 1 will have to learn to share his partner, who although very loyal, loves to help people all around. It can be perfect relationship if only 1 will not try to lock the 9 in the golden cage, and hold back his jealousy.

2 and 2

Two emotional and sensitive souls like you, both needing to give and receive love, can be really perfect match. You can grow beautiful and deep relation thanks to your enormous empathy. Just remember that your partner is exactly as sensitive as you. Use your words very carefully. Each of you should find yourself a private enclave, where she/he can shelter to regain balance after inevitable but rather rare turbulences. This moment of isolation can only strenghten your bond.

2 and 3

Peaceful and quiet 2 can be good balance for entertaining and energetic 3. To keep this relation growing 3 should remember about 2’s need for reliance and security and 2 may just stand back and and enjoy the show.

2 and 4

4’s ability to provide security and stability can make the 2 really happy. Your relationship can become strong and lasting if only 4 will learn how to be more demonstrative at showing her/his feelings, which the 2 needs as much as air to breathe. You both can learn a lot from each other.

2 and 5

5 loves to be in the spotlight and 2 is feeling well at second plan. 5 can talk for hours and 2 is a good listener. You complement each other in many ways. It can be very interesting and successful relationship. But due to lots of doubts and inner conflicts in 2 and indecision of 5 it’s not going to be easy sometimes.

2 and 6

Excellent match! You both have lots of warm and harmony. You both put family and love on the first place. 6 as no other person can appreciate subtleness of 2, but he/she should be careful to not hurt the 2 with his sometimes direct and demanding approach.

2 and 7

It’s hard to find another couple with so many dissimilarities. But hey! This is not a bad sign ;). You can both learn a lot from each other and complement one another. 2 is a heart, thirsty for proximity, and 7 is philosophically oriented to life, values freedom and independence (mind). Taking that into account you will look at things differently, and thou there can be some obstacles in your relationship (especially at the beginning). But when 7 will learn how to express he’s love and 2 will accept his partner need for some space and solitude, they will overcome these initial problems and make a great relation for life. Besides nobody will understand introverted 7 better than sensitive and cautious 2!

2 and 8

You have a really good chance to create deep and long lasting relation. 8 will help 2 to believe in her/his intuition and gain self confidence. 2 is perfect partner and friend. He/she is very emotional and sensitive what can open heart and discover dormant emotions of 8. You are going to be successful in practical matters to. 8 will take care if material stability and 2 will be faithfully support.

2 and 9

The 9 is a natural leader and the 2 is natural follower so it could be a wonderful relationship. You have much in common: noble deals, passion for art, willingness to help others. 9 should only remember that 2 hates being alone and properly balance the care and attention between home and the rest of the world.

3 and 3

You are both very social and having lots of friends visiting your house is no problem for you. Just be careful because you both like to shine on the social stage and you need to learn how to share your audience to avoid unnecessary conflicts. You are not going to be bored in this relation. You’ll be perpetual inspiration for each other. But remember that beside social life you should also take care of everyday practical details, which sometimes can be real pain for both of you.

3 and 4

It’s a quite challenging for spontaneous 3 to understand conservative 4. If this combination will get together they have to learn from each other to keep this relation alive. 3 should appreciate loyalty and reliability of 4 and 4 will have to relax a bit and keep more distance. It will be good for both sides.

3 and 5

3 inspires 5 and can learn from him/her responsibility. You both are full of life energy. Tirelessly searching new thrills and both don’t like when somebody tries to impose you something. This is the most social combination of all. Both of you are creative and full of passion. 5 have to be careful to not hurt the 3’s feelings, because he/she don’t have such a distance to self and the world as 5. If only you both will not restrict your freedom you can live together long and happily.

3 and 6

Besides few differences the chemistry in this relationship will be strong and durable. Both of you know how to enjoy the charms of life. Happy-go-lucky 3 can learn from 6 responsibility. But if you bring to play your strengths - creativity of 3 and patience and gentleness of 6 your partnership will be solid and inspiring. One thing that can treat you is jealousy of 6 which connected with 3’s flirting tendency can be dangerous.

3 and 7

Withdrawn 7 takes relationships very seriously - seeks love for life, so prone to flirtation and romance 3 seems at first as not too good match. In addition 7 needs solitude and 3 is very social. It’s important to keep open dialog regarding wants and needs of both, and they are very different in this combination. No doubt you can learn a lot from each other. Spontaneous 3 can help 7 overcome the fear of rejection and open his/her heart for deep, sincere love.

3 and 8

8 rules in this relation but also provides material foundations. If spontaneous and full of ideas 3 will accept this, it will be win-win situation. Entrepreneurs 8 will help realize ideas of 3 and add a pinch of discipline which will allow turning 3’s bold visions into a success. You can create happy, loving family if only 8 will not be too authoritarian. 3 should also from time to time find a way to get his partner away from business to relax and have some fun together.

3 and 9

You both are independent, intelligent and creative. Both of you like to be on stage, but be careful because none of you want to be in the shadow of another. If your partnership won’t turn into fight on domination you will be compatible and happy couple. 9 can be a teacher for 3 - always eager student. And in moments of doubts 3 will add cheer help regain self-confidence of 9.

4 and 4

You both cherish security, also material. Two reliable and hardworking persons can achieve everything they could dream of. Your relation can be really stable and full of harmony, both of you have to watch out to keep proper balance between work and personal life. When the first outweighs the second, there can be lack of passion, love, and spontaneity in your relationship.

4 and 5

You have completely different needs. 4 want stability and security and 5 is crazy, curious traveler who doesn’t care for neither. You can succeed on one condition - five will be more cautious and will respect 4’s need of security and 4 will learn from 5 optimism and take from her/him a good dose of positive energy. It’s a bit challenging, but if you will agree in some fundamental issues you can perfectly complement each other.

4 and 6

Very good combination. You have really good chance to develop relationship full of love and harmony. It is very likely that 6 will take the lead and also take care of home. 4 will work hard to provide family with all that’s needed. What is important, both of you will be happy with this roles. 4 have to remember that 6 need sometimes warmth and tenderness. If cool 4 will learn provide also that, then it will by satisfying long-term relation.

4 and 7

4 is attracted by mystery of 7 and 7 appreciates faithfulness and perseverance of 4. This relation may be driven by a mutual need for security. 7 have a lot of knowledge which 4 can creatively use. You can be not only lovers but also real friends. The combination has good chance to create good and long-lasting relationship.

4 and 8

Money and success is a natural way for this combination. Both of you are hardworking and persistent. 4 will have lot of respect for wise and thrifty 8 and let him lead in this relation. Faithful 4 never give 8 a slightest reason to be jealous. You can build a very secure and harmonious relationship, but be careful and find a proper balance between work and private time.

4 and 9

You are from two different worlds. The world of 4 is matter and the 9 is living ideas. You may find lots of problems with communication. Only if you solve those you can achieve great tandem where 9 inspires and 4 is an executor. Beware! There are also possible conflicts on finance matters. 4 want to collect money, save them for secure future, and 9 could give all away to some charity or other noble cause.

5 and 5

What is between you is not quite a relationship. It is rather loose arrangement of people who live in the moment. You will be great partners for fun, adventures, travels and hanging around with friends. Your home is open to guests and they feel great with you. There’s only one problem. Neither of you is good at day-to-day problems handling. Coping with mundane can be real pain for you, and this can threaten your relation.

5 and 6

5 needs freedom and space and 6 needs to control and supervise. There will be conflicts in this relationship. But on the other hand they both have something what the other is lack of. So when 5 will take some of inner peace and harmony of 6, and 6 will learn from 5 how to be more open for world and new challenges they could find a way to meet somewhere in the middle.

5 and 7

You both love movement and like to learn new things. 5 can develop spiritually alongside a 7 and 7 can learn more relaxed attitude to life from 5. You are much alike and generally very compatible pairing so you have a good chance to create long-lasting relationship. To keep it going 7 shouldn’t try to keep 5 on a leash, even the longest.

5 and 8

It will take lots of effort from both sides to make this relation work. Bossy 8 needs to have everything under control but no one can control 5. Only if 8 will understand that leadership is not the same as limiting freedom they have chance to grow this relationship. They can creatively develop together when 8 take care about material security using experience of 5.

5 and 9

You both are independent and creative and you can give each other adequate amount o freedom. This relationship can be really interesting and satisfying for both. Imagination and wisdom of 9 harmonizes well with intellect and activity of 5. 5 can learn from 9 about spiritual side of life and teach him/her a bit of healthy selfishness.

6 and 6

You have your heads in the clouds so one only problem in this relationship could be material stability. But you have everything else that a perfect relationship needs: love, tenderness, sensitivity to the needs of partner. This is a very compatible pairing, which understands eachother and easily forgives one another’s imperfections. You are family people and you can create loving family full of warmth.

6 and 7

You both are modest and sensitive to beauty. That’s what connects you, but 7 needs calm and independence and 6 don’t want to be neglected and feel lonely. This can be source of disharmony. Key to succes of this relationship is that 6 can not be too controlling and 7 should show more often his/her feelings to the partner. You both are responsible for the quality of your relation. Keep working on that and you’ll be happy couple for life.

6 and 8

You both are usually open and positive. This is good sign for successful relationship. But compromise will surely be needed as for 6 will defend his ideals and practical 8 will not understand easily principles that guide 6. Anyway you’ll compliment each other perfectly. 8 will take good care about your finances and practical side of life and 6 will make sure that the connection does not run out of love and tenderness.

6 and 9

Good arrangement of two altruists and humanists. This is very compatible relationship, because both of you are sensitive and idealistic. You know how to show love and tenderness to the partner which makes this connection on of the best of all other combinations. The 6 will help the 9 keep focus on details, while the 9 broadens 6’s outlook and sense of the world at large. Likely due to your altruism you will be often short of money, but that’s not money that creates true happiness, right?

7 and 7

You will respect each other’s need for solitude and independence. With right attitude you’ll create very good relationship, where partners support each other, while staying independent. You both can learn from each other and spiritually develop. You should strive to make as much things together as possible, because there is proper balance needed at your solitude and family life.

7 and 8

You come from two other worlds and you representing quite different approach to life. The 8 has tendency to dominate and control and 7 will resist his/her attempts to excerpt authority. But still, you can gracefully cooperate at many fields. 7 inspires 8 and admires his/her effectiveness and 8 is impressed by 7’s wisdom. If you don’t forget about tolerance and compromise it will be successful relationship.

7 and 9

Both of you have strong spiritual inclinations. You have the same ideals and both like to discover mysteries of the world. You understand each other perfectly and support at spiritual development. 7 gives 9 as much freedom and independence as he/she needs, because 7 needs time for herself and solitude too. This combination can create really good relationship.

8 and 8

You’re both full of passion and romance. Two strong personalities like you can love or hate. There are no other options in this combination. If you join your forces instead of compete you will achieve every goal you could dream of. You should make time for each other and always focus on being equal partners.

8 and 9

This is very challenging combination. Possessive 8 will have a big problem to accept 9’s need to help the others. Independence of 9 stimulates jealous imagination of 8. When they are able to work as a team, this is a powerful and often inspirational pair. To keep this relationship 8 should accept that 9 has his/her own life, while 9 should remember that partner’s needs are at the first place.

9 and 9

Two wise, charismatic people like you can build very strong relationship. You’ll be continuous intellectual inspiration for each other and together you can make extraordinary things. Your altruistic soul let you guess what your partner needs and fulfill this desires instantly. It’s hard to find other combination which gives such a great chance for successful long-lasting relationship.

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